Inclusive Living - Home, Boat, or RV Modification for Accessibility Design Services

Services We Offer 

  • Universal Design 
  • Disabled Access Kitchens 
  • Disabled Access Ramps 
  • Disabled Bathroom Design 
  • Disability Renovations & Modifications 
  • Modifications for the Elderly


Some of the rooms we can help you modify include: 

Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, corridors, stairways, outside spaces, and entrances. We also think of all the necessary fittings and fixtures needing to be accessible and easy to use, such as tap fittings, light switches, door handles and more.

As a disabled person myself, I know that it isn't always easy finding the right home modification service that you can trust. I also know that a lot of simple things may fall through the cracks and end up causing headaches later on. 

At Broadened Horizons, we can provide you with a customized plan and show you how modifications can increase access and mobility around your home, without skipping any steps. We are experienced and able to see a project through from design to installation and service.