Possibilities III - Sailing Yacht for Wheelchair Captain


A World of Possibilities!

Wow is all we can say about this One-of-a-Kind Sailing Motor Yacht designed from below the water level up by and for a wheelchair user to Captain or Skipper. This 52' Sailboat can be  Captained or Skippered by a wheelchair-bound individual with a line-handling assistant. We cannot begin to say what a unique opportunity this is, and at the same time represents our biggest challenge!  We need your help!

We have already identified a few volunteer captains very experienced with transatlantic crossings capable of bringing her to the Caribbean from the Mediterranean in 2019.

Her Paraplegic owner would like to see his baby have a new and proper home where will she will be just as tenderly cared for and appreciated!  Of course as she begins to ply the Caribbean like the privateers of old...

In the Caribbean she will Sail a route from Miami to The Bahamas To Cuba to the Dominican Republic and on to Puerto Rico. During the summer she may explore up the East Coast of the United States and Canada. She is COMPLETELY capable of crossing oceans and circumnavigating, but most likely will be at home in the Atlantic and Caribbean venturing as far south as  Panama, Colombia, and maybe even Brazil with a crew of mobility impaired wheelchair users!

We dream big. Then we make it real. Will you help us make this a reality for hundreds, possibly thousands mobility impaired wheelchair users to experience the utter freedom of sailing into an endless horizon! 

Sailboat for wheelchair Captain