Prestige - 1995 52' Skipperliner Motor Yacht 

A Wheelchair Modifiable Motor Yacht for America's Great Loop

Uniquely this vessel is outfitted with 2 diesel engines with only 1000 hours and a rebuilt diesel generator with only 40 hours, however was ignored for 5 years and needs some TLC. We've already got everything running but few significant, expensive repairs would remain.  

It was discovered this vessel has significant galvanic corrosion due to electrical currents in the marina it had been stored at without proper anode protection, that now would require replacement of the very bottom of hull (sides and everything above are fine). Working with a Steel Boat Designer who has 2 very skilled welders the lower hull could be replaced completely new in 6 weeks giving the vessel 20 more years of service at a cost of $35,000-$45,000. We can acquire the vessel for $6000-$9000 and already have a vertical platform lift and hydraulic commercial bus lift to mount on the vessel. With modified controls it would bring this vessel to cost of $60,000-$65,000. The same size vessel of the same year in good condition with gas engines, not diesel recently sold for $86,000.  

Twin Cat 3116TA Diesel Engines

New 22kw Generator with only 22 hrs


[SOLVED] Safely Embark and Disembark both manual and power wheelchairs on docks of varying heights from 1 to 8 feet above the water in marinas that that may have a very broad interpretation of inclusivity specked by the ADA if it was ever considered. 

      Solution: 16'x38" Aluminum Cargo Ramp with 6'-14' Linear Actuators', Bus Scissors Lift with highest available reach, or Dinghy Winch as emergency backup.

[SOLVED] When marina cannot accommodate, or to simply broaden operational possibilities as for exploration, be able to safely anchor out, launch a very stable wheelchair-friendly 'dinghy', and allow all passengers including wheelchair users to go ashore by transitioning from larger vessel to the 'dingy' and back. Minimum 800 pound capacity, 1400+ lb capacity highly preferred, probably electric powered for reliability, and not to exceed 8'x14' with 6-7' x 10-12' desirable if stability can be achieved. 

       Solution: EZ-Dock or Connect-a-Dock

[SOLVED] Provide wheelchair access to almost all 3 levels and areas of the vessel including main salon, lower cabins, and flybridge 

       Solution: Aluminum Outdoor 3 Station Wheelchair Lift

[SOLVED] Disabled person with limited dexterity should be able to captain the vessel from both the upper Flybridge and Main Bridge while seated in a wheelchair

       Solution: Wireless Joysticks and Buttons on a Wheelchair Armrest Mount interfaced to the Autopilot to be designed by Broadened Horizons either in combination with 3 commercially available possibilities or completely custom)

[SOLVED] Comfortable overnight accommodations for captain, 2 crew, and minimum of 2 guests with ideal flexibility up to 6 guests, at least 3 of which may be wheelchair users. Can accommodate larger groups of up to 20 for a day cruise.

Prestige is Available - she will need your help to Get her cruising!


  • We would need $65,000 to perform necessary repairs and upgrade electronics and controls
  • $20,000 in deisel / year to complete 1 full loop (~6000 miles)
  • $10,000 - $15,000 in Marina Fees to ensure Guest comfort per year per loop
  • $3200 Insurance, Registration

Current Status:

  • 2 Cat 3116TA 350 Hp Engines received Caterpillar Original Oil, Air, & Fuel Filters & Fresh 15W-40 Oil. New engine mounts are still needed.
  • Kohler 13.5 KW Yanmar Generator received new Oil, Air, & Fuel Filters, Fresh Oil, & Impeller
  • Diesel Fuel Tank cleaned with AJX-TCS from AJX-Direct which worked great, 200 Gallons Diesel Polished with custom designed Polishing system. AJX-TMS Fuel Additive added to restore Cetane two old fuel. Marina Neighbors said they never heard the engines run so good!
  • New Engine Compartment Blower Motors Installed
  • Starter solenoid identified as problem with intermittent starting of port engine, cleaned and now working great.
  • Corroded Fuse Holders and Battery Terminals cleaned, blown fuses replaced, batteries now charging well.
  • Captain' s Cabin: Remove Fixed Bed Base and Carpeting. custom designed and fabricated Solid Pine Desk-to-HiddenBed installed doubling cabins use to an office by day. Cabin Door frame Removed to widen to 28" for power wheelchair passage. Power Sliding-Style 'Barn-Door' will need to be fabricated and installed.
  • Cuddy Cabin: Old Carpeting Replaced to Remove Musty Smell. Old Bed Base Removed to Increase Head Room to 44". Two Chrome Shelves Added to split into 2 Semi-Private Single Berths with Storage. Bathroom #2 Sump Replaced with New.
  • Anchor Winch Disassembled, Cleaned, Lubricated, and Motor Rebuilt
  • Hydraulic Steering System Recharged
  • Two CruiseAir Heat Exchangers (also air conditioning) recharged, replaced a control circuit, and ducting corrected and balanced by The Go2Group Marine HVAC.
  • Huge thanks to Ryan Blenker, Bill Dennis, Rick Roberson, and ...

To Do's

  • Cruise to a nearby Marina "", haul out, bottom high pressure washed, a thru-hull repaired, Coal Tar Epoxy protective layer touched up and coat of Antifouling applied, and Marine Survey conducted.
  • Install Ricon K-Series Folding Commercial Bus Hydraulic Lift to rear Cockpit Starboard side
  • Install Ricon S-Series Folding Commercial Bus Hydraulic Lift to Front Port Side for safe wheelchair access to/from docks from either side of vessel
  • Install Screw-Drive Wheelchair Platform Lift on Port side of rear cockpit for wheelchair access to Flybridge.
  • Skilled welder will fabricate 5' Extension to Flybridge over Rear Cockpit
  • Skilled Welder to reinforce/Replace 2-4 highly rusted ribs
  1. Replace Seals on 2 Main helm front Windows possibly replace cracked front side window
  2. Repair / Re-adhere bumper strips around exterior of vessel
  3. Master Cabin: Install Ceiling Lift Track to move mobility impaired disabled person from bed to wheelchair or into shower will need to be installed.
  4. Replace 34" Shower Surround with Flesh-Entry Wall-to-Wall Tile Shower
  5. Design and fabricate a Double-Acting-Hinge Double-French Door for Captain's Head (bathroom)
  6. Icom VHF Radio in main Helm Needs Repair (grounding issue) & move to Flybridge, then need new main helm VHF Radio with AIS
  7. Replace all 12V DC and 110V AC Lights with LEDs
  8. Needs lots of wire wheel rust removal, rust conversion and sealing with Coreseal which converts iron oxide to iron phosphate and seals and primes. Eventually fresh coat of white paint.
  9. Need a 12V LED Smart TV mounted in Main Salon which also shows GPS Moving Map Nautical Charts through connection to Windows PC laptop running Rose Point Coastal Explorer and OpenCPN
  10. Reinforce Dinghy Lift Arms on Rear Swim Platform
  11. Add EZ-Dock or Connect-A-Dock 7.5'x10' Rotomold Floating Dock with Railings on all 4 sides, and fold down aluminum ramp, and electric trolling motor to serve as Wheelchair-Friendly Dinghy-Barge. Install tip-up connection points on Rear Swim Platform and lift far edge out of water with Dingy Lift Arms
  12. Install Autopilot (Hopefully from a sponsor)
  13. Design & Build Triple Wireless Joystick Control Box to interface to Autopilot and possibly directly to steering controller and throttle controllers (with Input cable connection to power wheelchair DB9 Input/Output Modules)
  14. Install Cutain Rod for Guest Privacy Curtain around Full-size Pullout Bed in Salon Couch
  15. Install used 1000 pound Davit Arm on Flybridge for future
  16. Install Fixed Aluminum or Steel Canopy over Flybridge to support Solar panels and provide shade.
  17. Install Long Range Wi-Fi & 4g LTE Antenna's on Flybridge Arc
  18. Install Ring Solar Security Cameras facing Fore and Aft
  19. Install Solar Panels & Lithium-Ion House Batteries with Off-grid ___ Solar Controllers / Inverters