March 2018 Silent Auction Initial Fundraising

How will it work: 

Bidding will close at 5 PM Pacific Time Sunday April 1!

Each Wheelchair-Friendly, Accessible Toy will have a 'reserve' value and a 'suggested' value that when achieved closes the auction within 24 hrs. 

100% of ALL proceeds will go towards Inclusive Adventures Projects since 100% of labor is currently volunteer-based.

Youtube Video of the Honda in Action!

Honda-matic CM450 Wheelchair Motorcycle with Tomco Sidecar - Drive from Wheelchair

Processing video...

Honda CM450 Wheelchair Motorcycle with Tomco Sidecar 

We have 3 options to choose from now for wheelchair motorcycles, including the Charioteer Moped that goes 30 mph and the Charioteer motorcylce that can reach speeds up to 47 mph. However, Charioteer Honda CM450 Wheelchair Motorcycle can reach speeds up to ~65-70 mph and is the only option that you will have avaiable to use gas and also to go highway speeds. Our Charioteer Honda CM450 Wheelchair Motorcycle with Tomco Sidecar that allows you to drive while in a wheelchair just as comfortably as you would without one! We are doing a flash sale on this item as a part of our one day fundraising effort on March 18th! 

What Makes It Special?

Our custom Honda features conventional motorcycle handlebars, twist throttle, and squeeze breaks allowing it to be ridden  from the sidecar which is integrated to a also very unique, highly collectible Honda CM450 Hondamatic with only 14,000 miles, it's barely broken in. The Honda alone is worth $16,000! Chrome shines even without having been polished. Would look  AMAZING with a new paint job or even powder coating. Use it to ride to work, run errands, or even pick up some groceries as there is some covered storage in front of your feet. There were only 30-50 of these ever made by hand in the late 1970s through mid-1980s by Tomco. Each one was uniquely customized for the future owner. I believe there is only two or three examples that still exist and this one is by far in the best condition and fully functional. One unit even featured a more conventional circular steering wheel which this will could be modified to accommodate. If you only have full dexterity in one hand, right or left, it is still possible for you to ride through our collaboration with

More About Our Fundraising Mission

This very unique, classic Adaptive Wheelchair Motorcycle is being sold to help finance building of the prototype eChariot Tesla-Powered Electric Wheelchair Trike Motorcycle. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to this 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You will be helping to make motorcycling possible for many more mobility impaired riders, inspiring others to see ability through adventure! 

View the page and view Youtube Video and see for yourself how versitile and easy to manuver this motorcycle is!


Bid as of 04-03-18 6:30 PM.  Estimated Value $20,000 - $30,000


1969 Classic Hydrodyne Flatop 

Probably the ONLY 45 mph Wheelchair-Friendly Speedboat available without having something custom-built new!  Pushed by 160 hp MerCruiser with a Chevy Inline 6 cylinder, starts in seconds, idols like a kitten, with a gentle roar that sounds like the deep rumble of a lion purring as you rev it up! Flies across the water and slices through chop as though it was nonexistent.

Argued by enthusiastists & Ski Clubs that Hydrodynes are among the best boats ever made. Designed by Bill Crosby, the Godfather of modern fiberglass power boating. Reportedly most 1970's NASA Apollo Astronauts reportedly owned one.

Had inspected by classic boat expert (owner of Shipwreck's in Princeton, Minnesota). Hull is solid, probably one of the last surviving of this unique model in such good condition. (Upper deck has slightly soft spot under Livewell)  

Includes Excellent Roller Trailer with Power Winch & Full-size Wheels

Mark Felling, founder of Broadened Horizons and Director of Inclusive Adventures discovered this gem researching alternatives to a Pontoon Boat for wheelchair users. But with his focus on Inclusive Adventures three larger projects he donated this to help fund those projects: Possibilities Greatly Motor Yacht and eCharioteer Tesla-Powered Wheelchair Motorcycle and the Able Eagle. We are hoping to find it a home where someone can complete her.


Starting Bid.  Estimated Value $5000

World's Only Wheelchair-Friendly Speedboat

World's Only Wheelchair-Friendly Speedboat

Another newly rebuilt example with new paint and railings removed. 

Here is a quick example... 

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way!  

Use As-Is or implement any or all of our Planned Goals (Not yet completed) 

  • Add Intellisteer Wireless Steering Control $600
  • Build (design complete) Wireless Controlled Linear Actuator for Throttle $500
  • Build (design complete) Wireless Joystick for Wheelchair User to Captain Independently from Front of Vessel with interface plug for Power Wheelchair IOM Modules, allowing this to be controlled hands-free with a wheelchair head array or wheelchair joystick $500
  • Repaint Deck White & Lower Hull Blue $150 - maybe Add new Faux Teak Decking 
  • Add 4 Removable Swiveling Captains-Style Guest Seats $400-$800
  • Add integrated fold-down Wheelchair Ramp (already designed) hinge purchased $250
  • Add Wheelchair Tiedowns or used EZ-Lock $30-$250 
  • Increase front railing strength & stability adding curved nose & connect to rear rail $25-$100
  • Remove Oxidation from Aluminum Railings and Seal $25
  • Consider replacing Helm with a Swing Away Instrament Cluster $100
  • Add Front Bimini Top to Shade All $100-$400

Snapper Joystick Zero-Turn Lawnmower 


Like a Gas-Power Wheelchair for those who want to cut their own lawn. Rare, only 2 production years.

Levo Combi C3 Power Standing Wheelchair

Completely refurbished by reliable.

$1500 O.B.O. 

Medcare Ceiling Lifts

$1500 - $5000 

Permobil C500 Power Wheelchairs

$500 for the pair

Drive Medical Full XL Home Care/ Hospital Bed


Transfermaster Full XL Power Adjustable Home Care BedCare/ Hospital Bed



VitaGlide Accessible Exercise Machine



ENDORPHIN™ 355 Series Hand Cycle Table Platform


Mobility Moving Sale

We are having an inventory liquidation sale and are offering a deep discount on a few large items! 

Items for sale: 

  • Snapper Joystick Zero-Turn Lawnmower which is  like a Gas-Power Wheelchair for those who want to cut their own lawn. Rare, only 2 production years. 
  • ENDORPHIN™ 355 Series Hand Cycle Platform
  • VitaGlide Accessible Exercise Machine
  • Medcare Ceiling Lifts 
  • Transfermaster Full XL Power Adjustable Home Care BedCare/ Hospital Bed
  • Drive Medical Full XL Home Care/ Hospital Bed
  • Permobil C500 Power Wheelchairs - pair 
  • Levo Combi C3 Power Standing Wheelchair Completely refurbished by reliable