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Travel NowTravel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.

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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Solar like an Eagle</span><br>
Solar like an Eagle
Sponsor a Flight Experience for $300
Give the gift of Wings to someone who's lost use of their legs and possibly much more. We are building our Quad Wheeled Tandem Powered Parachute capable of being flown with the joystick in the same manner a wheelchair is controlled.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Kayak or Canoe the Mississippi River Trail from Little Falls to Sartel, MN</span><br>
Kayak or Canoe the Mississippi River Trail from Little Falls to Sartel, MN
This tour will allow you to see the incredible beauty of the upper Mississippi, passing numerous islands, tree-lined shores and the occasional Eagle. This is an all-day tour, or shorter excursions can be arranged.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Mississippi River Cruise</span>  
Mississippi River Cruise  
World's only Wheelchair Friendly Speedboat!  Enjoy 4 Hours cruising and sightseeing on the most northerly navigable section of the Mighty Mississippi. Swimming, Fishing, Tubing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, or even Explore an Island! Up to 6 persons, max 4 Manual Wheelchairs, or 2 Power Wheelchairs.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle Ride</span><br>
Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle Ride
$200 / Day or $1000 / week
Honda CM 450 features a very unique hydrostatic automatic transmission and Tomko Wheelchair Sidecar from which you are able to drive sitting in your wheelchair. Motorcycle License Required (or make arrangements to take the test the first morning)

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Adventure TravelRiding an Elephant Open Ancient Fort, Camel Taxis, and Tiger Safaris in India. 

 4x4 in the Desert, Skydiving, and the most incredible city tours in Dubai 

 Colombia, Mexico, Europe - We've rolled there! Let's design your next great adventure together!

Big, Worthwhile Adventures Require Effort and Perseverance

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AbleEagle Tandem Power Parachute

Ever wonder what it would be like to soar like a bird? AbleEagle will give Wings to those who have lost their Legs. We only need 100 Sponsors to give Wings to those who have lost their Legs to Launch Spring of 2017!

Lift a Spirit, Change a Life for only $300. Flight Experiences are available to Young and Young at Heart, Wheelchair Users and Non-Wheelers, At-Risk-Youth and those who just need to be shown another way.  Sponsors may suggest someone and be on hand the day of the flight, or may remain anonymous and enjoy photos and videos we will share.

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eCharioteer Wheelchair Motorcycle Development

Adrenaline your thing? This Tesla-Like Electric Wheelchair Trike will be capable of blistering acceleration, 75 mph Freeway Speeds with 100+ mile range.

Save $5000. Only 20 Invitation-Only Pathfinder Early-Delivery Positions Available. Reserve Yours with a 50% Nonrefundable Deposit and help us get to Production Faster!  $2500 Refundable Deposits for positions 31-50 also available which may be converted to a $5000 Non-Refundable Deposit at any time to jump the line and grab positions 21-30. All positions are First Come, First Served.

Further, you will be advancing future development of cost-effective, personal wheelchair-friendly local transportation in developing nations empowering those currently confined to their home to participate economically in the growth of their nation, helping themselves and their families.

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The Great Loop Wheelchair Inclusive Houseboat

This Adventure will repeat annually, providing opportunities for Cruising portions of The Great Loop - circumnavigation of Eastern North America - including The Great Lakes, the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri Rivers, the Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, Cuba & the Bahamas, then up the intracoastal waterway from Florida to New York, up the Hudson and through the Erie Canal to the St. Lawrence Seaway and Canada's Heritage Canals. Come aboard for 1 to 4 Weeks anywhere along the route. A new adventure around every bend!

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