Adventures are about the Journey,
Not the Destination.

Life Changing Experiences for Uniquely Abled, Wheelchair Users and Non-Wheelers, Young @ Heart, and @ Risk Youth!

Adventure offers us a freedom only achieved through overcoming challenges, and our fears. 

 This newfound freedom of thought offers perspective throughout life, literally and measurably changing our lives as we add new skills while developing independence.

< Created by the Disabled for the Disabled > ... or as we prefer ... by the Uniquely Able for the Differently Able > 

Wheelchair Adventure Travel

Every adventure, or rather its journey, contributes to every individual's personal development. You acquire new qualities, you become spiritually rich as you learn about culture, traditions, and history of various people living in other places and times. You begin to understand the why. This leads to an inclusive perspective on the ultimate similarities in all people, their goals, desires, and in that realization, differences become trivial details. 

Wheelchair Adventure Travel

--- We've rolled there! Let's help you design your next great adventure together! ---

In India, Ride an Elephant thru the Ancient Amber Fort after marveling on the Tashma Hall

in Jaipur, find yourself waiting at a Stop light next to a Camel Taxi and Bridal Elephant on your way to observe Tigers in the wild from an open Jeep Safari. 

In Dubai, 4x4 in the Desert, Skydive at a school with a Quadraplegic on staff, or look down on human ants from the world's tallest building

Experience rich culture in ancient Gold and Spice Markets 

In Columbia, pray to the Virgin at the world's deepest church 500' Below Ground in a salt mine, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and maybe the worlds longest wheelchair ramp!

Get out of Cancun and Cosmel to cross Mexico's Yucatán swimming in a Cenote, one of the entrances to the underworld. 

Wheelchair Adventure Travel

--- Captain a Sailing Ship ---w


Strong communities are created by valuing every member's talents; and ENCOURAGING every member to contribute those talents to the best of their abilities

Our Projects

Big, Worthwhile Adventures Require Effort and Perseverance

'Possibilities' - a Wheelchair Friendly Live-Aboard Yacht
for America's Great Loop

This Adventure will repeat annually, providing opportunities for Cruising portions of America's Great Loop - circumnavigation of Eastern North America - including The Great Lakes, the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri Rivers, the Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, Cuba & the Bahamas, then up the intracoastal waterway from Florida to New York, up the Hudson and through the Erie Canal to the St. Lawrence Seaway and Canada's Heritage Canals. Come aboard for 1 to 4 Weeks anywhere along the route. A new adventure around every bend!

After extensive searching, we originally believed only a very expensive, new custom build make this adventure possible. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.  After more than 1 year, we have identified 3 very unique vessels with the potential to truly Broaden Horizons. Each vessel has its own character, history, advantages and disadvantages.

During this search a sailboat completely custom-built for a wheelchair captain was identified capable of sailing anywhere or around the world. We would love to make this a possibility, but need a significant sponsor.

'AbleEagle' Tandem Power Parachute


Ever wonder what it would be like to soar like a bird? AbleEagle will give Wings to those who have lost their Legs. Inclusivity does not mean going for a ride, we have a designed and intend to equip AbleEagle with electronic joystick controls, so that anyone can operate a power wheelchair can fly as PILOT-IN-COMMAND, 

We only need 100 Sponsors to give Wings to those who have lost their Legs!  Lift a Spirit, Change a Life for only $300. 

Flight Experiences are available to Young and Young at Heart, Wheelchair Users and Non-Wheelers, At-Risk-Youth­­ and those who just need to be shown other possibilities.

Sponsors may suggest someone and be on hand the day of the flight, or may remain anonymous and enjoy photos and videos we will share.

'eCharioteer' Wheelchair Motorcycle Development

Adrenaline your thing? This Tesla-Like Electric Wheelchair Trike will be capable of blistering acceleration, 75 mph Freeway Speeds with 100+ mile range.

Save $5000. Only 20 Invitation-Only Pathfinder Early-Delivery Positions Available. Reserve Yours with a 50% Nonrefundable Deposit and help us get to Production Faster!  $2500 Refundable Deposits for positions 31-50 also available which may be converted to a $5000 Non-Refundable Deposit at any time to jump the line and grab positions 21-30. All positions are First Come, First Served.

Further, you will be advancing future development of cost-effective, personal wheelchair-friendly local transportation in developing nations empowering those currently confined to their home to participate economically in the growth of their nation, helping themselves and their families.